A vote for Josh Powell is a vote to bring balance & liberty back to Michigan.

Josh Powell

Experienced leader for a better Michigan

With a strong commitment to serving the people of Michigan, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on our community. As a Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 25th district, I believe in upholding traditional values and advocating for policies that promote economic growth, education, and public safety.

Vote for Josh Powell on April 16th

Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 25th district special election.

I am the Republican candidate for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 25th district, and I want you to vote for me in the special election on April 16th.

Together we have the chance to stop Democrats from enacting more failed policies that will drive people further away and make our state even less attractive to potential investors. 

Less Government 
Less Regulation 
Lower Taxes

This is my pledge to you, as a state legislator I will never vote for anything that violates this pledge. 

Proven Experience

I served in the military for 6 years, started, grew and sold a small business and now work for a fortune 500 company in IT. I know what regular people need and want because I am a regular person. I am not a career politician and do not seek to become one, I simply did what I felt was right and filed to run when I learned that there was an opportunity to stop Democrats from enacting more of their failed policies.

Strong Conservative Values

I am a staunch supporter of conservative principles and believe in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberty. My campaign slogan is more than a slogan it defines how I would vote and govern. Less Government. Less Regulation. Lower Taxes.

Economic Growth

I will work tirelessly to attract new businesses and create job opportunities in our district, ensuring a thriving economy for all by working to reduce regulatory hurdles, lowering taxes and making our state an attractive investment once again.

Education and Public Safety

I am dedicated to improving our education system by ensuring all kids in Michigan have the opportunity to go to a school of their choice. Ensuring the safety and security of our communities is also a top priority. I served 6 years as a Military Police officer and I have a degree in criminal justice so I know what our officers need and I will support them.

Less Government
Less Government: The state government should only get involved where the local government falls short. All governments should be as local as possible, so I will vote to keep the state out of local issues and to return local control to cities and local school boards and reduce the size and scope of the ballooning state government and budget. 

Less Regulation
Less Regulation: No one should ever be able to take away your 2nd amendment rights without being convicted or even charged with a crime. You shouldn’t need to renew your license plate every year or your license every 2 years. Car dealerships should be allowed to be open on Sunday if they choose to be. Over regulation is another major reason our state is shrinking and considered unattractive for businesses looking to build or expand. I would find ways to reduce or eliminate many regulations that are arbitrary and unnecessary.

Lower Taxes
Lower Taxes: Michigan residents have some of the highest total tax burdens of any state and those in Lansing are so out of touch currently that they just went to court to raise your income tax during a recession. This is not only bad for your budget, but it is driving people to leave our state in record numbers. I would propose instituting a phased reduction in the state income tax until it is gone, and let Michigan grow and prosper like every other state with no state income tax. Without drastic action Michigan is on track to lose another two House seats by the 2030 census.

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